Vans & Waves

All we need is four wheels rolling on the road and waves keep rolling in.

aftermovie 2019.

We are super stoked to announce the new date – we had such a great festival and the feedback was overwhelming – thanks for the love!

The second edition of this wonderful festival will come to beautiful Denmark 15-17.05.2020.

the date.

From May 15 till May 17 2019, the second Vans & Waves Festival by HHonululu Events will take place at the danish north sea coast in Klitmoller.


The Vans & Waves Festival addresses all vanlife enthusiasts and all kinds water-sport enthusiasts, be it surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers or other, to spend a weekend together and celebrate the alternative surf culture and the minimalist nomadic lifestyle with family and friends.

the feeling.

With the bus alongside the coast, past sand dunes, the cool sea breeze in your neck. In your luggage just your surfboard, your best friends and wanderlust.

We will meet at the beach with like-minded people, van owners and surfers. A weekend long we will exchange, become creative at different workshops, find our inner selfs in yoga sessions and are pleased by the view of a lonely surfer dancing over the water.

The Vans & Waves Festival brings two subcultures together that complement one another like a symbiosis and follow an unconventional lifestyle: A subculture that loves traveling, nature and the breaking out of daily routine. At the same time they dedicate themselves to the ocean and are willing to leave everything behind as soon as the waves are rolling in.

The Vans & Waves festival is a gathering place for surf-van life enthusiasts.
coming together for a weekend in the line-up to celebrate life, freedom and adventures with acoustic live music, crackling camp fire and creative workshops.


A small but well-curated music program with singer-songwriters, bands and funky DJ´s.

workshops & talks

Experts in their fields host workshops or talks.


Check out some surf / sup / skate boards by partner brands.

our principles.

0. “Fight Homophobia, Sexism and Racism”
We want a respectful attitude at this festival!

1. “Let the good times roll”
Let‘s have a good time, smile and take it easy! This festival is a prototype, so let‘s create a special weekend together!

2. “Midnight Curfew”
Respect the camping folks and stay quiet after midnight.

3. “Eat more Plants”
We support vegan-vegetarian food.

4. “Don`t drink and drive”
No drunken vans, please. Your feet are your best companions.

5. “Fight Plastic”
We are trying to create a plastic-free-festival. Bring your own drinking bottles, cups and get them refilled.

6. “Ocean friendly”
We are organizing a Beach Cleanup – The ocean is our playground; so come to the beach with your friends and do something good.

7. “Take your Trash”
Please collect your trash – it can be disposed at the campsite, but try to avoid unnecessary waste.

8. “Outdoor Love”
The festival will be outdoor, close to a rough coastline – there will be some sheltered facilities, but remember to bring waterproof clothes such as rubber boots, rain jackets and beanies. Sunscreen is good to have.

9. „Respect the Locals“
Make yourself at home, but respect the locals.

10. „Look out“
The ocean is our best friend, but also dangerous. Don‘t overestimate your skills, there is also a surf school present if needed. Keep your eyes open and take care of others.